The Natural City

The Natural City - A Vision for Our Future

The Natural City is a comprehensive, highly integrated, approach to planning  the future  of our citiy.  Presented as a PowerPoint, it begins by examining problems that have developed from sprawl and poorly managed growth and goes on to present a vision of sustainable development and re-development  for our communities.

The presentation is woven around three key priorities: Global Sustainability, with an emphasis on Climate Change,   Local Sustainability and Quality of Life and Place. The need to meet challenges presented by these priorities is consistently reinforced throughout the presentation.

Eleven principles necessary to accomplish priorities are examined in detail as are planning processes for implementing the vision at both regional and neighbourhood scales. The presentation also examines: methods to insure plans don’t become “shelfware” as well as the role of local politicians and other levels of government. The presentation concludes by providing a sample of an area ripe for re-development and a summary of the “need to act”.

This PowerPoint presentation is highly graphical in nature. Text on screens is limited with major points being highlighted through numerous pictures and examples. As such, it is particularly easy for audiences to follow.

 I have created The Natural City to  promote and publicize our need to do things differently. Please contact me if you would like a presentation in your community.

Vic Derman

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The video on the left is a Citizen’s Forum interview  presented on the Community Channel about a year ago.

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The Natural City

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