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Vic Derman was born and raised in Saanich and has been a resident of our municipality ever since. He is married and and has a daughter. Vic was first elected to Council in 2002 and became a CRD Director in 2005.

Prior to being elected, Vic enjoyed a rewarding career as a teacher in School District 61 (Greater Victoria).  He became involved in community affairs as Vice President, then President, of the North Quadra  Community Association  from 1990  to 2002. During that time period, Vic was a co-founder of SCAN (Saanich Community Associations Network) and served as SCAN chair for the organization’s first 5 years. Vic  was also one of 5 founding directors of The Land Conservancy of British Columbia (TLC) and served as the conservancy’s vice president for 5 years before being elected.

In 2004, as an elected Councillor, Vic initiated and chaired “Water in the City”, a highly successful international conference held in Victoria. In recent years, he has developed “The Natural City” a PowerPoint presentation featuring a comprehensive approach to urban sustainability and a second PowerPoint titled “Climate Change - The Imperative of Our Time”.

Vic remains active in community affairs outside of Council and has personally raised over $80,000 for greenspace and quality of life protection in our region. In addition, he continues to volunteer as a canvasser for the Heart and Stroke Foundation.

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